Treat Yourself – Pop Along To Harbour Bar

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Treat Yourself - Pop Along To Harbour Bar

If you’re visiting Scarborough then you simply must head over to the Harbour Bar. The Harbour Bar has been situated there for a number of years and has really used this time wisely. I am sure most people would agree that an ice cream in the sunshine cannot be beaten – but when you combine this with a beautiful view of the harbour and home-made ice cream you have something pretty amazing.

A Visit To The Harbour Bar

When you visit the Harbour Bar you’ll see that they have a widely varied menu with something to tickle the taste buds of everyone. They have a range of cold and hot sandwiches which are quite popular, but really it’s their American waffles and ice cream sundaes that people tend to come for. In fact the Harbour Bar claim that their ice cream is so nice that you will enjoy it just as much during the winter as you will when the weather is nice!

The History Behind the Harbour Bar

The Alonzi family started their first ice cream selling venture a number of years ago, selling ice-cream from barrows on the seafront and near the beach. A little while after this they also started to run a small bar on Eastborough. They had two barrows at this time, charging different rates in both the poor and the rich end of the sea front. It was at the end of the Second World War that they opened by Giulian parents (the current owner) selling ice cream and offer. They opened their doors for the first time on an August Bank Holiday and sold out of everything they had in stock within 2 hours.

Now a days the owner of Harbour Bar (Giulian) has equipment that can make 500 litres of ice-cream an hour. They only store their ice-cream for a few days so that their customers always get the freshest tasting product and it really shows through!

Finding Harbour Bar

Harbour Bar has a prime location right on Sandside in Scarborough which makes it easy to find. It is also quite renowned amongst locals so if you’re a little lost then you can always ask someone for directions!

Their website shows you a selection of the items that they can offer so head to the site and you’ll soon seen that the Harbour Bar is well worth a visit!

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