Scarborough – An Anglers’ Delight

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Fishing in Scarborough

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Scarborough really is a fisherman’s friend. It offers the keen angler plenty of options with an opportunity to try something new every day of the week, should you wish. Here are some suggestions for making the most of the fishing action in and around Scarborough.

Boat Fishing

Let’s start with the rough stuff. Sea fishing charters for individuals and groups are readily available in Scarborough and operate throughout the year. Crewed by local skippers with a wealth of inshore and offshore experience, you will be taken to the best available reef, wreck and rough ground spots as you choose. Rods and baits are provided on board. Prices and venues vary slightly but try out Skylark Fishing Trips and MV Queensferry. Other charters are available in the harbour, so check those out too when you get there.

If you don’t fancy bobbing around on the water you can just as easily fish from the shoreline.

Pier Fishing

Both the East and West piers offer fishing opportunities. For less experienced anglers, or those looking for some fun fishing with the kids, the West Pier is the best option. Fishing over a mainly sandy bottom you can catch billet, codling, with whiting and mackerel in season without too much risk of broken tackle and tiresome tangles. The East Pier, by contrast, is more challenging with a rocky bottom and lots of weed in some parts. The reward is the chance to catch more, and bigger, fish than from the West Pier.

Marine Drive

Recent changes to the sea defences have made fishing on Marine Drive harder than in the past. However, it is possible to fish parts of it at low or high water. Have a look around at low tide to check the best fishing areas. Fishing is challenging so be prepared to lose some tackle on the rocky bottom and experience ‘tangles’. Find the right spot and you will be rewarded with cod, pollack, coalfish, wrasse, whiting, pouting and mackerel.

Beach Fishing (or rock angling as it is known locally)

Fishing from the sands either in the North or South Bays can yield billet, codling, flatfish, whiting and mackerel, and is usually better at low tide. Cayton Bay on the southern edge of Scarborough is a good place to try. Fishing over sand, mixed or rough ground, depending on your position, you can catch cod and bass when conditions are right.

What if you want a break from the bracing sea air?

Freshwater fishing

Just a few miles inland you can enjoy fantastic game and course fishing. If you want to try fly-fishing for wild brown trout, or, during September and October, fabulous sea trout of up to six pounds then Scalby Beck is the place for you. In a delightful setting, and with very reasonably priced day-tickets, it offers excellent sport for the fly fisherman. For those who prefer course fishing, Wykeham Lakes, just six miles from Scarborough, offers coarse fishing almost unrivalled in the area.

Whatever your fishing preference, Scarborough has a net full!