Marine Drive Throughout The Years

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Marine Drive Throughout The Years

If you visit Scarborough then the chances are that you’ll spend a lot of time on Marine Drive. The road itself is 2.5 miles long and leads from the Spa Footbridge at the South Bay right through to Peasholm Park at the North Bay.

Marine Drive was first thought of in 1897 when work started on building and developing the road. Unfortunately it wasn’t until a few years later in April, 1908 that the road first opened.  Although it was only developed as a road from 1897 onwards it is actually on the path of an old Victorian Promenade and so has been used for a long time by people wanting to get from one side of the bay to the other.

When the road was first officially opened as Marine Drive it was designed to have a toll for driving to the castle headland. This toll was removed in 1951.

There is also a road off of Marine Drive called Royal Albert Drive which links to the cliff top and Queens Parade, which opened in 1890.

As Marine Drive is one of the main routes in Scarborough it is likely that the road will remain open forever, or at least for the foreseeable future.

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