A Look At The Scarborough Harbour

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A Look At The Scarborough Harbour

If you are planning a visit to Scarborough then you should make sure that you take some time out to visit some places that you might not think of initially. Scarborough is well known for its beaches and tourist areas, but there is so much to see and do – including Scarborough Harbour.

The Scarborough Harbour

The harbour itself can be found in the South Bay area of Scarborough right underneath the Castle Headland. When you visit the harbour you’ll see that it is made up of three piers, each of which have their own activities going on and their own things to see and do. Alongside the outer part of the harbour you’ll find a number of public activities that you can take part in while you visit the port.

One of the best things about visiting this harbours is the fact that it is in such a central location. You might not want to spend a whole day at Scarborough Harbour but seeing as its near to everything else you can easily fit it into your day. Amongst locals this whole area has become known as ‘The Jewel in the Crown’ simply because it offers so much to see and do.

Around Scarborough Harbour has a seaside that has been popular amongst visitors since before Victorian times. Since then there have been a number of attractions come and go, although some of the old town activities still exist including the castle! There is also a number of modern retail outlets, bars and restaurants for you to visit while you are there too!

Of course Scarborough Harbour isn’t just there to keep tourists happy and to give them something to do, it has a very practical use too! It is there to handle fishing fleet and leisure sailors in the area, although it hasn’t handled cargo equipment for a number of years.

Visiting The Harbour

If you do decide to visit the harbour then the Scarborough Harbour Tourist Information Centre should be the first place you visit. You’ll find this near the West Pier on Foreshore Road. As you would expect from a tourist information centre they can give you loads of information on what is happening in the area that day or during your stay in the area. They can also help with things to do around the whole of Scarborough, so they are well worth a visit.

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