Hotel vs B&B – Which is Best in Scarborough?

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Sun setting over Scarborough bay

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Has the TV series ‘Four In A Bed’ put you off B&Bs forever, or made you more enthusiastic?  Or are you a confirmed hotel person, who enjoys a little more privacy and a touch more luxury? Here are a few things you might think about before you decide whether to book B&B or hotel accommodation in Scarborough.

B&Bs in Scarborough

Choosing a B&B is a great way to personalise your holiday experience. You will get to know the proprietors and fellow guests over breakfast, and have a wide range of places to choose from. If you don’t like large hotels, and prefer a personal touch in your bedroom accommodation then a B&B will be right up your street. Couples often use B&Bs for weekend breaks, so they are perfect if you prefer not to have children around. Bear in mind the following points, however:

1. Amenities may not be as good as in a hotel. WiFi may not be available, for example.

2. Bear in mind too, that breakfast is not always included in the price of your stay. The ‘breakfast’ part can just indicate that one is available should you wish to pay for it.

3. Check ahead to see if children, or pets are an issue for your B&B owner.

4. Make sure you know the check in and check out times, as these can be quite strict due to the speed of turnover.

Hotels in Scarborough

Hotels can offer you simplicity and charm, or luxury and splendour, depending on your purse and your personal taste. Hotels offer the ultimate in relaxation, and this is part of the charm of them for so many people. You don’t have to make your bed, buy soap, pack a hairdryer – everything is done for you. You should feel like royalty during your stay at a quality hotel, and it is no surprise that hotels are still the most popular type of accommodation used in the UK. If you enjoy a pool, a sauna or a jacuzzi, then many modern hotels can offer these. They will usually allow you access to WiFi, complimentary toiletries, room service, tea and coffee making facilities, en suite bathrooms, fresh modern linens and someone to make your bed and tidy around the room each day. Luxury. However, be aware of the following points:

1. Some hotels in Scarborough can be large and impersonal. Choose a smaller hotel if you want to escape from hordes of holidaymakers!

2. Check the location of your hotel if noisy roads keep you awake

3. Ensure the hotel has all the facilities you require, to avoid disappointment.

In Scarborough, you have plenty of hotel choices. If you have come for a particular event or attraction, you would be advised to look for a hotel nearby.

Wrea Head Hall Hotel is a popular high-end choice, and is right on the edge of the North York Moors. The Park Manor Hotel offers parking as well as a swimming pool and is the closest hotel to the Scarborough Open Air Theatre. For a budget stay, the Premier Inn Scarborough is one option.