How About A Game of Bowls Whilst In Scarborough?

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How About A Game of Bowls Whilst In Scarborough

If you fancy a quiet, civilised afternoon’s entertainment whilst on your Scarborough break, head down to the cliffs overlooking North Bay. Here you will find an oasis of calm at the Scarborough Bowls Centre. The only tension is matches being fought out, in the most polite manner imaginable.

Scarborough Bowls Club is a perfect place to visit having sampled the other entertainment in the North Bay area. It is close to Peasholm Park, the Miniature Railway, the Cricket Ground and the Sea Life Centre. When you have visited any of these attractions of these, you may need a rest! What could be nicer than relaxing with a nice cup of tea and settling down to watch a game of bowls?

Join In!

Of course, visitors are more than welcome to participate in the bowls matches, as well as watching. The whole family can have a go at this very traditional British pastime. Rates are incredibly good value for an afternoon’s entertainment – a family of four can enjoy a whole hour on the Crown Green for just over £5, including all the equipment they will need for the game. If you prefer the indoor rinks they cost just a pound or two more, including shoe hire. Parents are usually delighted with how absorbed their youngsters become in the game. It has a peaceful, meditative quality, necessitated by the need to concentrate. As a sport, it is rather restful.

There are 8 indoor rinks, which are of World-class standard. An investment of £100,000 meant that state of the art technology was used in its construction. Glare-free lighting and laser levelled playing surfaces ensure that competition meets international standards, and makes games very exciting to watch.

Other Facilities

If you don’t feel like a game of Bowls, you can use one of the two Pool Tables at the club, or sit in the licenced bar. There are viewing galleries, which enable you to follow several matches at once. The upgrading of facilities ensures that you have an outstanding spectator experience.

You can drop in to Scarborough Bowls Centre if the weather turns cold, and spend an afternoon learning about the sport. Or if the sun is shining, book the Crown Green and see how your family fare at game of bowls.

Need To Know

  • The objective of bowls – or lawn bowls as it is also known – is to roll your bowls balls as close to the jack – or kitty – ball as possible. Players toss a coin to decide who rolls the jack to the end of the rink. It is then centre from where it comes to rest.
  • Competitors take it in turns to roll their bowls balls down the rink. The ball is allowed to curve outside the boundary when it is on its way down the rink, but must come to rest inside it.
  • Bowls is traditionally played on beautifully kept grass bowling greens. Outdoor bowls can be played on a flat surface (called flat-green bowls) or on a convex surface, or an uneven surface (this is called “crown-green bowls”). Indoor bowls is played on artificial turf.

Don’t worry, you will be given instructions on what sort of rink to choose, and how to play the game once you arrive. It’s an original afternoon’s entertainment, and one you are sure to remember.

Contact Scarborough Bowls Centre,

Peasholm Rd, Scarborough YO12 7TT
Tel 01723 353992