Have You Ever Asked Yourself How Is Rock Made?

Posted by Helen Marsden on ← Back to posts

Most of us have happy childhood memories of visiting the seaside and coming home with a stick of rock or two. Even if you don’t, you probably have had one bought by a friend who has been sunning themselves on the English coast. The truth is that whether you visit Southend, Blackpool, Scarborough or any other seaside town you’ll be given the chance to purchase a stick or two of rock.

Of course rock itself has been around for a great many years, but technology has improved which means that this sweet treat now comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes!

However, as much as most of us are used to eating it or at least have tried it – have you ever thought about how it is made? Rock is usually a long stick of a hard candy that is bright coloured and can even have wording throughout the middle of the stick of rock – fun, exciting and tasty but how do they make it?

John Bull Factory Visits

If you’re visiting Bridlington or the nearby area then this question could soon be one of the past. John Bull Confectioners offer the chance to visit their factory and see firsthand the process that is used to make this sweet.

When you visit the factory you’ll get the chance to see how rock is made and the whole manufacturing process behind this. You can even make your own chocolate sweet while you are there and even personalise a stick of rock if you want to!

You’ll also learn about the history behind the process and this famous rock brand, so you can see where it has all come from.

What is even better about this trip is that you’ll get the chance to try some of the beautiful sweets and biscuits that are also made in this factory. It’s an exciting time as you get to see how these are all made and put together – so you come away knowing all of the best secrets of the trade.

Take Something Home

As well as learning all about how rock is made you get the chance to take something nice home with you. Be sure to visit their gift shop and treat yourself or a loved one to something tasty from their shop – you’ll be spoilt for choice.