Come Rain Or Shine The Scarborough Go Karting Track Is Great Fun

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Come Rain Or Shine The Scarborough Go Karting Track Is Great Fun

Go Karting is an incredibly popular activity for families when on holiday. It has the perfect combination of excitement, novelty, competition and sheer fun. For older children it is a perfect way to spend an afternoon. Adults enjoy it just as much as children, so there is no need for Mum and Dad to sit on the sidelines. If you fancy an afternoon racing against the clock or each other, the Scarborough Indoor Karting Track has great facilities.

The Sprint Challenge (20 laps)

There is a range of different ways to enjoy an afternoon’s karting. If you want to race against the clock, the Sprint Challenge is perfect. This option is the best choice if you are a newcomer to karting, or if you are experienced but want to push yourself to improve personal best times. Races kick off from a rolling start, and the skill is in improving your lap times. Careful how you take those corners, though – one false move could cost you precious seconds. Unhappy with your time? Have another go. You can participate in Sprint Challenges easily – there is no need to book. However, you are advised to at particularly busy times, to avoid a wait. There are 6 karts in each session

Mini Grand Prix

If you are on holiday with friends, and have 8 people in your party, you can book at Mini Grand Prix session. This option will allow you to compete against each other, after a 10 lap qualifying circuit. The qualifying circuit decided which position you start on, on the grid. Then you will be off to a flying start, in a flat out race against your competitors, for either 30 or 60 laps. Those with a competitive streak find the Mini Grand Prix events irresistible. The Mini Grand Prix is a top choice for parties and school trips, so if you are in Scarborough on a children’s club outing, this could be just the ticket to get your charges working and playing together.

GT3 Endurance Challenge

This is the ultimate team competition, and offers great value for money. It’s a non-stop race, and the team who complete the most laps wins. You can swap drivers at regular intervals throughout the race, ensuring everyone gets a go. This is perfect if you are holidaying with larger groups.

Safety First

They are highly safety-conscious, and you will be shown a fifteen-minute safety briefing video before you are allowed to race. Under 14s must take a driving safety test before they compete too. They must be 1.4m in order to compete. Go Karting is strictly regulated, so you can be sure that all the equipment is up to date and Health and Safety compliant. You can relax and let your children compete with total peace of mind.

Need to Know

Location : Unit 1, Orchard Court, Dunslow Rd, Eastfield, North Yorkshire YO11 3UT
Tel: 01723 448032

Track length: 300m

Opening times: 12.00 noon – 7.00pm Tue – Fri; 10.00am – 7.00pm Sat; 10.00am – 6pm Sun.

Refreshments are available from the Café.

Karts are: petrol powered

Minimum age: 14 yrs

Minimum height: 140cm

There are 6 junior karts available.

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