Bondville Model Village – What A Lovely Day Out

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Bondville Model Village - What A Lovely Day Out

Located in Bridlington, the Bondville Model Village attraction can make a really lovely day out for the whole family. People often assume that children want screaming roller coasters and attractions that cost massive amounts of money to visit, but that is not the case at all! The Bondville Model Village has over 1000 handmade characters who all play a part in acting out scenes throughout the village.

The village itself is made up of over 200 unique buildings all of which have been pieced together to create the perfect village scenery. It has been designed over 1 acre of land so you can take a leisurely stroll around viewing the buildings and characters of Bondville. One of the nicest things about walking around the village is that you’ll get to see all of the characters acting out scenes of day to day life, there are even some humorous and unexpected scenes that you’ll get sight of – can you spot them all?

There are some really lovely scenes to see while you’re there, including working parts such as a steam train that makes it way around the village.

Visiting Bondville Model Village

New owners have recently taken over Bondville Model Village, so it is now run even more smoothly than ever. Although the village has always been well run, it’s now even better. They have done everything that can to make sure that visitors are well catered for, although it is worth bearing in mind that they are only open from April until October. When you visit you’ll be able to park for free and there is also a cafe where you can treat yourself to some refreshments while you are visiting.

The Local Area

If you do visit Bondville Model Village then you’ll be glad to know that there is plenty to do in the surrounding areas. A visit to the model village  might not take all day but you can easily team it up with a trip to one of the play parks in the area, Wolds Way Lavender Farm or even John Bull Confectioners who do factory visits so you can see how sweets are made.

The part of the country is great for family holidays which is why so many people are now choosing Scarborough as their next holiday destination. If you’re one of those then make sure that Bondville Model Village is on your list of places to visit.

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