Betton Farm – Great For Young And Old

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Betton Farm - Great For Young And Old

When planning a family holiday it is important that you take in to account everyone that you are travelling with. Making arrangements to suit everyone that you are on holiday with can be tough, especially if you have the needs of young children to take into account. Of course keeping everyone entertained isn’t impossible, it is simply a matter of looking at all of your options and working out what is going to be best for you and your family.

Thankfully Scarborough has lots to see and do in the area, so whatever the weather you can feel reassured that there will be something to suit the whole family and keep everyone entertained.

Betton Farm

One attraction that you cannot go far wrong with is a visit to the farm. Children of all ages can really get stuck in with a trip to the farm, which is what makes it enjoyable for everyone. Betton Farm in Scarborough is a farm that prides itself in offering something for everyone. For starters it has some amazing views, which really have to be seen to be believed. This area is thought to have been used as farm land since the Ice Age, so you’ll see it surrounded by history as well as a small, modern day working farm.

The Running of The Farm

The farm is run by a charity group by Basics Plus. The whole idea behind the family is to create a sense of community and give local people, including those with learning difficulties the chance to get involved with the farm. They have been running it this way since 2010 and since then it has continued to grow and thrive, which now makes it one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area.

Visiting The Farm

Betton Farm is a working farm which means that you and your family will get the chance to see many animals in their home. Pigs, sheep, rabbits, chickens and horses all call Betton Farm home and when you visit you’ll get to see all of these. There is also a Honey Bee visitors centre and a small aviary that you can visit.

To help keep everyone happy and entertained there is also a big play area which children of all ages can make use of. There is a fantastic tea room, a bakery and a farm shop. Parking facilities are great and if you ring ahead you can even arrange for a disabled parking space if you need it. As they have lots of indoor and outdoor areas they boast to being open whatever the weather, although you might want to make sure that you choose sensible footwear if the weather is wet.

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