A Look at the North Bay Railway

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North Bay Railway, Scarborough

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The North Bay Railway in Scarborough has been in operation since 1931, taking passengers on a ¾ mile journey from Peasholm Park to Scalby Mills, with stunning views of the coast along the way.

The railway opened on 23rd of May 1931 and had 20-inch and 21-inch gauge steam outline locomotives built by Hudswell Clarke of Leeds. The engine Neptune was the first in operation. It cost £1,000 and ran for the first season, carrying more than 400,000 passengers in total.

For the following year an identical locomotive called Triton arrived and, in this formation, the line has run every year since, aside from during the Second World War.

The line was leased to the North Bay Railway Company Ltd for the winter of 2006, and in March the following year Scarborough Borough Council handed over permanent operation of the line to the company.

Over the past few years many improvements have been made to ensure the railway operates to very high standards and can continue to inspire passengers. Two further Hudswell Clarke locomotives, Poseidon and Robin Hood, have been moved to the North Bay Railway from their temporary base at Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway. They have also previously been used at the Great Woburn Railway. North Bay Railway is now home to the four oldest Hudswell Clarke steam outline locomotives.

A new station building, with a shop, ticket office, waiting room and café bar called the Glass House, opened at Peasholm Park Station in May 2008, and extensions to the shed and workshop have also been carried out. There are plans for a new coach shed, café and museum at Scalby Mills.

The Friends of the North Bay Railway group has been created to support and promote the railway.

About the locomotives

1931 ‘Neptune’ S/O 4-6-2DH

Neptune was the railway’s first locomotive and was also the first engine of this gauge that Hudswell Clarke built. It has now been in operation for more than 83 years and is the oldest diesel hydraulic locomotive in the world.

1932 ‘Triton’ S/O 4-6-2DH

Triton was built following the success of the railway’s first season. It cost £1,500.

1933 ‘Poseidon’ S/O 4-6-2DH

Poseidon was originally built for Golden Acre Park in Leeds and was later used at Morecambe, Kilverstone and Great Woburn. It moved to Cleethorpes and went into storage before coming to Scarborough in December 2006.

570 ‘Robin Hood’ S/O 4-6-4DH

Built in 1932 Robin Hood is a rank locomotive and was also at Golden Acre Park originally.