5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Hotel in Scarborough

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Landscape of Scarborough

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You’ve decided to come to Scarborough on your holidays. Good choice! But what should you consider before clicking that ‘Book’ button? Here are five things you might like to bear in mind when choosing your hotel in Scarborough.

Special Events
If you are coming to Scarborough for a specific event, then you may like to look at hotels that are near to your venue. The main locations for larger events are the Open Air Theatre, and the Stephen Joseph Theatre. Both have hotels very close by, and if you are visiting for just one event, a nearby hotel can be a godsend if you are returning home late from a good night out.

Everyone likes a view of the sea, so expect to find a wide range of hotels overlooking the sea front. But, look at their websites carefully before booking. Some of these hotels are very large, and you may feel that they are a little impersonal as a result. There are plenty of smaller hotels set just back from the front that offer you superb views of the sea, and might be able to offer a little more personal service, with comparable facilities. Hotels with between forty and seventy rooms are usually best for those who want a full hotel experience, but not too many crowds.

Peace and Quiet
Do you want to be in the centre of town? Do you sleep like a log, or is traffic noise going to keep you awake? Check to see if there is likely to be noise where a hotel is located. If you find yourself awake late into the night due to car or reveller noise, you will not get the most out of your stay. You may find that lower cost hotels have lowered their prices exactly for this reason. Again, if you like a nice peaceful location, look at hotels back from the town centre, but within range of all the things you want to see.

Consider what facilities you would like in your hotel. It may sound obvious advice, but if you spend a little time looking around, you can find some smaller hotels offering the facilities of larger ones at a fraction of the cost. Consider whether your hotel offers a pool and spa facilities, an on site restaurant, free WiFi, and a bar. Does it include tea and coffee making facilities? All of these touches can make your stay so much more enjoyable. It pays to hunt around!

North or South Bay?
This is purely a question of how close you want to be to the bustling centre of Scarborough. The South Bay area can get really packed in high season, so consider whether you want to be part of the throng. The harbour front can be quite noisy. For a quieter holiday, chose the beautiful North Bay area. Here you can enjoy the natural beauty of the North Beach in peace and quiet, stroll down to Peasholm Gardens, and walk to the Scarborough Castle. You are also a stone’s throw from the Open Air Theatre and the North Cliff Golf Club.